Surface blog article

I have published a blog article about the Mirosoft Surface over on my companies blog:

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Final day of Movember

Just wanted to post a quick update of mine and Geoff’s progress, I am pretty glad it is coming to an end, don’t think I am really the facial hair type:
20101130 - Movember inc Geoff
You can still sponsor me here: and Geoff here:

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Movember progress

I am currently supporting Movember along with Geoff in our office. You can sponsor me here: and Geoff here:

This is my progress:

20101118 - Movember

James Cook 20101118 - Movember

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Quoted in the Daily Mail and on 5 Live

I was invited yesterday to quote on the Governments plans to go ahead with the mandatory pension scheme for all employees called NEST. Here is a link to it in case you are interested:

I was subsequently then asked to go on 5live to give my comments about it on the Victoria Derbyshire show, about the same topic.

A very exciting day!

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RRAS 2008 and L2TP Wan Miniport Issues

Just a quick post to help others who may be experiencing this issue. On trying to setup a demand dial connection using L2TP we were given the error message that the port was not available, error 0. Exact error message: “A Demand Dial Router attempted to connect over a port that was reserved for Remote Access Clients only.”

We were trying to setup routing and remote access using L2TP to our Cisco firewall and we experienced a very odd issue. We could connect using the builtin windows VPN client but were unable to connect using the Demand Dial interface in RRAS. On further investigation we could see that there were no ports for the L2TP protocol.

After a few hours investigation we realised that the machine had no certificates which meant that RRAS was unable to setup any L2TP ports, it seems that the builtin windows client doesn’t need this but RRAS does.
The reason this probably doesn’t normally come up is that most machines will normally be part of the domain, meaning that it will have a certificate installed automatically by Group Policy.

After adding a certificate and restarting RRAS it worked straight away.

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New Blog

I have decided that it is about time that I setup my new blog, so here it is. I am going to spend the next couple of weeks setting it up and making sure that it does all that it should. If you have any suggesitons then please comment on this post or any other.

First thing I am going to do is have a look through some of my photo’s to create a nice header image from a picture that I have taken.

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