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Connect to a Minecraft server on Mobile and Tablet

Get Minecraft from the appstore and open the app.
Click the signin button, this will jump to an Xbox login screen.

Xbox login screen

If you don’t have a login, you will need to sign up for one. If you are logging in for your child then check out an overview of the process here.

Then do the following:

Once it has been saved then you can connect anytime you need.

One thing to note is that by default Minecraft on the mobile and tablet needs wifi, there is a way to change that in the settings. 

If the account is a child’s one then you will likely get this message:

You cannot play online multiplayer because of how your Microsoft Account is set up. Review and change your privacy settings at http://aka.ms/accountsettings

http://aka.ms/accountsettings – I have done a quick video guide here how to change the privacy settings, you will probably find that after you have done this then you need to log out of the MS account and re-login.

Purpose of this blog


I have been thinking for a while that I should resurrect my personal blog for several reasons:

  1. I realised recently while coaching some of the team at SpiderGroup, that over 17 years I had gained some useful knowledge that could be shared further afield
  2. Andrea Sexton said I should as I always tell her stuff that is useful and I should “get it out there”
  3. It will server as a good place to store things that are useful and I want to remember
  4. I am working on a project with a few others to encourage and engage, through Minecraft the children that mine three children go to


A mixture of text, audio, video, how to guides, ramblings and links to other useful information

How often?

Not sure, I will have to see how it goes. In the first instance there should be a few bits around Minecraft as I want to publish it all here as a permanent record

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